Mr. Coffee LWXSS33 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Touch-Screen Technology

  • 12-cup programmable coffeemaker with touch-screen control panel
  • Delay-brew option; adjustable brew strength; removable filter basket
  • Brew-pause function; audible ready signal; 2-hour keep-warm mode; auto shut-off
  • Carafe with measuring marks, stay-cool handle, and drip-free spout; water filter included
  • Measures 9-1/2 by 10-1/2 by 14 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Product Description
New touch screen user interface. Removable filter basket. Pause and serve. Programmable brewing. Water filtration. Automatic shutoff. Brew strength selector, cleaning cycle. Audible ready signal…. More >>

Mr. Coffee LWXSS33 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Touch-Screen Technology


5 Responses

  1. I got this coffee maker for Christmas and absolutely love it!
    Why to spend so much money on a Cuisinart when you can have a better looking and just as good coffee maker?
    I love it and definitely recommend it!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I really don’t find this coffee maker that much of a “value.” I had to replace my old Mr. Coffee Maker for when I cleaned it the last time using distilled white vinegar as it states in the instructions, the water spilled onto the warming plate and the warming plate ceased to work. This is about the third Mr. Coffee coffee maker I’ve lost due to spillage on the warmer plate. My last two Mr. Coffee coffee makers had a temperature control for the warming plate whereas this one does not. This model also is not as compact, meaning the width of it is too wide and unnecessary in it’s design. I also noted that this coffee maker only has two small black ‘rubber’ feet on the bottom to hold it in place which isn’t enough. I took my collection of Mr. Coffee rubber feet and added three more to this model to stabilize it so it cannot slide or be knocked around. With only the two black rubber feet, it slid all over my black tiled counter-top. The design of the decanter has it’s flaws as well. The decanter on my last one also had the spill-proof type of spout yet in cleaning it with water before it’s first use, I noticed that coffee will pour out of the top of the lid of the decanter where the weak spring in the basket touches upon for it’s “pause & serve” function. On other Mr. Coffee Makers, I replaced the spring with a heavier duty one, yet on this one? A stronger spring will push the top of the coffee maker open. Sunbeam, who manufactures these coffee makers, is getting cheaper in it’s parts and assembly in China over these last ten or so years. I’m not complaining about the Coffee Maker itself, but the other one’s I’ve purchased were all around $40 or less and had more features to them. The “beep” to notify you that your coffee is ready is similar to other coffee makers I’ve had…five beeps to signal it’s ready, and three to signal you that it’s turned off after two hours. This coffee maker, however, doesn’t have a pleasant “beep” but more of a robotic noise instead of a subtle beep as previous models have had. The cord storage is about the same as others I’ve owned…useless. If you believe there’s enough cord to plug into an outlet on your kitchen counter, think again. The coffee maker comes with a very short cord and in the instructions it tells you they purposely did this so children and animals wouldn’t “trip” over it.(?) They recommend you buying an appropriate extension cord that’s polarized and they even tell you how to place it. At least I had my old 3 foot extension cord from my other coffee maker to use with this one. The “on” timer isn’t what I expected. My old coffee maker showed the two-hour timer in two minute increments whereas this one shows you how long it’s been on in 15 minute increments. If you’ve never used a Mr. Coffee water filtration system, it’s very easy. Place the filter disk on top of the brewing basket and it will remove the chlorine and what other substances the charcoal within the filter will remove. The instructions say to replace the filter disk in about every 30 brew cycles or once a month, but you can tell when the disk has lost it’s filtration ability by just the look of it after rinsing it with water and washing the decanter and filter basket in dishwashing liquid and letting it dry. One important note here is that the Mr.Coffee filters are white which means the paper has been bleached. If you’re so inclined to have the water filtration system in your coffee pot that removes the chlorine before it touches the grounds of your coffee, then why filter the coffee through a bleached paper filter adding chlorine from the paper filter right back into your coffee? I buy the unbleached filters, therefore the coffee tastes like coffee. The filter disks are available for about $3.50 for a package of two, so it won’t break your bank account in picking them up once every other month. Another flaw in the design of this coffee maker is if you don’t use the decanter to fill the coffee maker with water, then it will help if you’re left handed. There are measurement marks on the left side, even though you can put the water into the back from either side, but being right-handed, most people will pour into the right side where there is no increments marked as to how much water you’ve added. It takes about 30 seconds for the right and the left side to stabilize, but don’t worry about that. If you put too much water in, there’s a slot on the back side of the coffee maker (right over the electrical cord), so if you put too much water in it, it will just drain through the slot in the back either on your counter-top or the power cord. I feel this coffee maker has quite a few bells and whistles yet we’re talking about drinking coffee here. I remember the old reliable percolator type of coffee makers we used in the Marine Corps. To reduce the acid taste to these percolators, we just put crushed egg shells in with the coffee and voila! No bitterness and I have yet to hear of one ever breaking or being replaced with these plastic and thin sheets of stainless steel with electronic circuit boards in them that cannot be repaired…just replaced. I attempted to dismantle my old coffee maker and found that Sunbeam (Mr. Coffee), is getting smarter. They now use tamper-proof torx screws to assemble them instead of your standard Phillips head screws. Even though I have tamper-proof torx removers, the hole where these fasteners or screws live are too deep to get the bit down into them. No wonder you have to send these coffee makers to a place of repair that Mr. Coffee recommends. From this review, I’ll let you make your own mind up as to whether you purchase this model or not, but if you’re left handed and have a rubber counter-top…as well as more money than previous top of the line models used to cost, then go for it! (An extra mouse pad that you can cut up will work too, if you’re worried about the sliding around part).
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. My wife primarily uses this unit to brew loose tea by the pot. Brew strength setting made a big difference in taste. Touch screen is very modern looking, while keeping the controls very simple. Overall a nice unit at a reasonable price. Has all the features we want and simple controls.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. This is my first “real” coffee maker. The one I had previous to this purchase was about 25 years old (also a Mr. Coffee), and it didn’t have automatic anything. It was just as basic as it gets. So, for me, I am just thrilled to have this new one that is programmable so that I can wake up to the wonderful aroma of coffee each morning! When coffee is ready, the machine will beep three times. Coffee maker keeps coffee hot for 2 hours, and then beeps three times again to let you know it’s shutting off.
    This model has a sensitive touch key pad, it is easily programmable, easy to clean, and hasn’t turned out a bad pot of coffee yet. I’ve owned it for two months now, and I am still as delighted with it as I was on day one.
    The enclosed operation booklet won’t take you three days to read. Everything is concise and clearly explained.
    This Mr. Coffee looks smart on my counter top, but takes up a little more room than some do. I can live with that. Water resevoir can be poured into from either side of the filter basket. The left side has “stair-step” numbers inside so that you can pour directly from faucet or sprayer instead of pouring from coffee pot. Very convenient if you locate your machine on the right side of your sink.
    The water filter that fits onto the filter basket serves, not only to filter water, but also aids in keeping the paper coffee filters from collapsing. Something I had a problem with regularly in my previous machine. It could be that the filters would not collapse anyway in this machine, but I found that it was a nice bit of insurance, if you will, since I had experienced the collapsed filters so often in my old machine.
    I would highly recommend this machine to anyone who is in the market for a great coffee maker that has both good looks and is a pleasure to use.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I just got this unit the other day and have made a total of two pots of coffee, so far. I know it is early, but this is a terrific machine. Very easy to fill: the reservior has a stepped gauge that is easy to read from above which is handy since I fill it with the sink sprayer directly instead of from the caraff. It used normal filters instead of those conical ones. The caraff is actually 12 cups. The touch screen is very sensitive and it is a genuine touch screen, not a plastic covered button type keyboard. Very easy to program and operate. Love the added water filter feature and it is NOT a cartridge type that costs you almost as much as the coffee maker itself. Probably won’t used it once it needs replacing, we will see. Terrific unit!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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